Displaying Github Events Charts

Recently, I stumbled across a site with a feature I found really cool. It was a San Francisco based app development company called Stanfy. What caught my attention was a section at the bottom of their about page.

They’re basically displaying their teams github commit statistics in a beautiful looking line graph. I loved this feature. It’s unique, and it helps show their legitimacy to potential clients. I decided to make a plugin offering similar functionality to github users and organizations.


Introducing Gitcharts.js

Gitcharts is a jQuery plugin which easily allows users or organizations to display commit event statistics from Github in visually appealing charts. This plugin makes use of the Github puplic API data to construct charts using the Morris.js plugin.

There are three available charts which can be used to display the data… Donut, Bar, and Line. It doesn’t offer quite the same functionality that stanfy is using on their site.. but it does offer users an ability to show great looking charts with their event statistics with just a minute or two of setup.

The github repo can be found here, with the plugins full documentation & sample page here.

Download it, and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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