Displaying Github Events Charts

Recently, I stumbled across a site with a feature I found really cool. It was a San Francisco based app development company called Stanfy. What caught my attention was a section at the bottom of their about page. They're basically displaying their teams github commit...

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Beginners Guide to Constructors

It's easy to confuse constructors and methods. They have many similarities, but it's crucial to be able to differentiate them, and understand when to use each. Constructors are one of the basic concepts in object oriented programming, so it's important to learn how...

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WordPress Custom Fields Explained

One of the major features for customization WordPress offers is custom fields. For many beginners, the concept of custom fields, and how they can practically benefit a site, is a bit confusing. In this post, I’ll try to deconstruct custom fields in a beginners...

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Hi. I'm Jack.

About 2 years ago, I jumped into the world of programming. It was new and exciting. I'm completely self-taught, and am still just as passionate about the industry as I was when I started.

This blog is primarily dedicated to helping beginners grow. More specifically, to help beginners grasp difficult & abstract programming concepts, as well as offer insight & advice into the industry.

Most experts that teach programming forget what it was like to be a beginner. They forget what concepts are difficult to grasp, and what language will go over peoples heads. My writings aim to bridge this gap.

If you find anything worthwhile, or disagree with anything I say, please start a conversation with me! I hope you enjoy 🙂