Web and Mobile App Developer

I build websites & apps that help businesses grow.


Board Game Review App (android)
An app where users can share, catalog, rate, and search for their favorite board games. Built on the Android platform.
WP Sliding Posts Navigation Plugin
A WordPress plugin used to setup additional navigation for WordPress blog posts. Adds navigation arrows to posts allowing users to navigate horizontally between posts.



WP Compare Plugin
A WordPress plugin used to create a sidebar where users can select &  compare custom post types against each other on an archive page.



Stock Scrapper Tool
A web scrapper tool which scrapes popular stock market blog posts for quotes, and analyzes the stocks performance at certain time periods after the post was published. This project was based off a hypothesis that the rise of amateur investors online would inflate stock prices of those written about by experts. Built in PHP.




  • HTML & CSS 95%
  • WordPress 90%
  • Java 80%
  • JavaScript + jQuery 80%
  • Android 75%
  • PHP 80%
  • SASS 60%
  • SQL 80%
  • Git 75%
  • Angular 2 50%
  • Node.js 50%

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PHP as a Beginner Language?

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Displaying Github Events Charts

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